~Umberto Xanluchekettu commented on Nov 29, 2013

Re: convert Notes document / fields to HTML

If you can access the document via the web you can use something like the Apache HTTPClient/HTTPCore code to perform an HTTPGet on your document and copy the HTML from the Entity.

if you can only access your document(s) via the Notes client then you will have to create the HTML yourself. You can also look at DominoXML and see if you can use that to help you craft your HTML using some type of transformation.

The text/data/number fields are easy. You can just read the values and output

tags or something around them. RichText will be much trickier unless stored as HTML. Which is why Domino XML might offer some suggestions.

~Umberto Xannizenjip commented on Nov 28, 2013

Re: convert Notes document / all fields to HTML

Hi Micheal,

Thanks for reply . . I would like to extract all the fileds, in the document and All rich text fields to HTML using JAVA in domino designer instead of Lotus script .

Kindly help. Thank you

~Umberto Xanluchekettu commented on Nov 27, 2013

Re: convert Notes document / fields to HTML

You might want to put these types of questions into the forum vs. a wiki page: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/nd85forum.nsf?OpenDatabase

Also probably explain in more detail by "fields to HTML String".. RichText? or text/number/date?